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CONCEPTUALIZING THE POSSIBILITIES FOR PART 2 OF  AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR           I will try to predict what Marvel fans like me are going t...



          I will try to predict what Marvel fans like me are going to see on April 26, 2019 when the continuation of Avengers: Infinity War goes on its premier. I will use story conceptualization, just like what I’ve written for Game of Thrones. Let’s see if we can get lucky. If I do, I hope Marvel recognizes my efforts. If I don’t, it’s still fun writing the concepts for possible story outcomes. Of course, I will adding my own original plot concepts within the storyline.
          I’ve been reading a lot of write-ups regarding the possibilities with regards to Part 2 of Avengers: Infinity War. In this manner, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) are actually conceptualizing the possible outcomes. Yet I haven’t found a plausible scenario. In estimate, probably less than 10 percents of the fan predictions, proposed spoilers, and experts’ comments came close. Only one observation, however, stands out, but still lacks concept.
          Conceptualization involves knowing all the background stories – comics, animations and films – and the available information at hand. It can be used not only for visualizing all the possible scenarios of a story, but also of predicting the outcome(s) of an already established story model.
          The key character in Avengers: Infinity War is Doctor Strange (portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch). Try watching the Doctor Strange film again and understand the power of the Eye of Agamoto, which in this case turned out to be the Time Stone. Then watch Avengers: Infinity War again. First, focus your attention on the scene in the “doughnut”-shaped spaceship after they killed Thanos’ top henchman Maw (Tom Vaughn-Lawlor). Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey jr) convinced Dr. Strange to take the war to Thanos (Josh Brolin) instead of returning to Earth. Here, Dr. Strange firmly told Stark: “If it comes to saving you, the kid (Peter Parker/Spider-Man), or the Time Stone, I will not hesitate to let either of you die. I can’t. Because the universe depends on it.”
          Now, fast-forward to the scene in Titan (Thanos’ home planet) where Dr. Strange was seemingly in a transmeditational state. He told Stark that he went forward in time, “To view alternate futures. To see all the possible outcomes of the coming conflict.” Peter Quill/Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) asked him how many did he see. He answered “14,000,605.” Out of this number, when Stark asked, “How many did we win?” Dr. Strange intently look at Stark and replied: “One!” Fast-forward again to the scene when Thanos was about to kill Iron Man. Here, Dr. Strange intervened, “Spare his life and I’ll give you the Time Stone.” The situation where he told Stark “he will not hesitate” to let the latter die happened. Yet, instead, he gave up the Time Stone to save Stark.
          Did you get the underlying concept?
          Dr. Strange gave up the Time Stone because he saw that Iron Man is vital in the “one” future that Thanos is defeated. He even said “There was no other way.” Dr. Strange also saw that the Time Stone will be later retrieved by the heroes. Iron Man will deduce that the Time Stone is the only Infinity Gem capable of bringing back – that is “resurrecting” the lost members of Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.
          In the comics version, Nebula stole the Infinity gems. In this film version, she is among the survivors and would be most likely to do it again. After Stark finished repairing his Iron Man suit, he and Nebula (Karen Gillan) will travel to where Thanos is resting. Thanos, tired, contemplating on his achievement and yet mourning because of sacrificing Gamora (Zoe Saldana) to obtain the Soul Stone, will fall into deep sleep.
          Iron Man: “He’s sleeping. Now is the time, I’ll kill him!”
          Nebula: (Holding Iron Man back) You can’t. You can’t kill him, with all the Infinity Stones in his possession, he’s invinsible.
          Iron Man: “Oh yeah.... Right....! We should think intelligently....
          Nebula: “He’s in his deep sleep. I think I can steal the stones.”
          Iron Man: “Okay, we do that.”
          Nebula: “You need to watch over the sentries. They come to look at him every now and then.”
          Iron Man: “Get the green stone first.”
          Nebula: “Why?”
          Iron Man: “Because it is the Time Stone. If ever, it is the only stone that can bring our friends back.”
          [Indeed, the Time Stone is the key object of this concept. With it removed from the Infinity Gauntlet, the heroes would be able to undo some (not all) of what Thanos did.]
          While Nebula is trying to remove the Time Stone from the Infinity Gauntlet, two sentries will arrive and Iron Man battles with them. He will be able to silence them but he detected more are coming.
          Iron Man: “Will you hurry up on that!”
          Nebula: “Yes, I got it.”
         Nebula and Iron Man will argue on where to go next and who to bring back first. Nebula wants to go to Vormir and bring his sister back, While Iron Man wants to go to Earth and bring Dr. Strange and Spider-Man first.
          Nebula: “I stole the Time Stone; this is my ship, so we go to Vormir first!”
          Iron Man: “Whaa....?!”
         Before Iron Man could utter another word, they arrive at Vormir. They will find Gamora still, barely alive, in the soul pit. They will battle the Red Skull (Ross Marquand) who will try to stop them from taking Gamora.

          Back on Earth, Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) will find Nick Fury’s satellite phone and will realize what is happening. The first question she would ask the people on the premise is “Where is Fury?!” She will fly to the scene of the battle between Iron Man and Dr. Strange with Maw and Obsidian to investigate. There she will encounter Clint Barton/Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), also investigating. Hawkeye, enraged because of losing her family and thinking Captain Marvel as an enemy, will shoot several explosive arrows at her to no effect. Captain Marvel will retaliate but before she could shoot an energy blast at Hawkeye, she will see a boy falling from a collapsing building.
          Captain Marvel will catch the falling boy in mid-air at the same time parrying off falling huge concrete debris with her energy shield (This one is a tribute to Christopher Reeve, with a similar scene in Superman).
          Captain Marvel: “I got you, boy!”
          Boy: “Yeah.... but who’s got you?!”
          With this action, Hawkeye will understand that she is one of the good guys and will apologize to her.
          Hawkeye: “Sorry for what I did earlier. Who are you?”
          Captain Marvel: “I’m Carol Danvers, but Fury wants me to be known as Captain Marvel.”
          Hawkeye: “You know Nick Fury?”
          Captain Marvel: “Yes, you can consider me his newest recruit. You are one of the Avengers, aren’t you?”
          Hawkeye: “Yes, but sort of retired. I only came back when my wife and kids suddenly vanished into thin air. Where is Nick?”
          Captain Marvel: “The same thing happened to him. Vanished. I think disintegrated by an unknown force.”
          Hawkeye will contact Steve Roger, and knowing they’re in Wakanda, the two proceeded to go there.
[The Captain Marvel film is under production as of this writing, so I will not dabble into that. Note, however, that in the Uncanny X-Men animation series, Mystique ordered Rogue to grab and absorb Ms. Marvel’s power. Rogue didn’t let go until Ms. Marvel lost consciousness. As a result, Ms. Marvel was rendered comatose and Rogue obtained the powers of invulnerability, superstrength and flight. Rogue was only able to absorb portions of Ms. Marvel’s power. So, you can imagine how powerful Ms. Marvel is. The character Ms. Marvel later became Captain Marvel sans the skimpy mask.]
          In Wakanda, Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans) and the remainder of the Avengers and Wakandan forces will regroup and plan their next move. A prototype of a time machine powered by vibranium is under development. They will use this to go back in time to save their lost comrades. But the reactor that needed to power it was damaged very badly during the attack by Thanos’ forces. There are two other reactors, but their combine powers will not be enough to send even a single person back in time.
          Shuri (Letitia Wright): “It would take the power of more than 10 thousand suns to send a single man back in time. The combined power of the two reactors is too small compare to that, not even 0.00001 percent.”
          Captain America: “What if the person is also small?”
          Shuri: “What...?!”
          Captain: “What if the time traveler is small? As small as an ant?”
          Shuri: “An ant?”
          Captain America: “We have a friend who can shrink that small.”
          Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo): “We can compute for that....”
          Shuri: “Ah-Ah... One needs to be much smaller than that.”
          Banner: “How much smaller?”
          Shuri: “Atomic size.”
          Banner: “Is that even possible? Shrinking to atomic size?”
          Captain America: “We’ll find that out when they arrive. Clint gave them the coordinates to come here.”
         Here is where Scott Lang/Ant Man (Paul Rudd) and Hope van Dyne/the Wasp (Evangeline Lilly) come in.

          They will, however, discover that not everything can be undone. They will be able to go back in time, as a consequence that the Time Stone being stolen by Nebula and removed from the Infinity Gauntlet, which they will subsequently know through Wong (Benedict Wong), Dr. Strange’s companion. They can only return to the precise moment Thanos left, so they cannot undo everything that Thanos had already done prior to it. They can only bring back T’Challa/Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), Sam Wilson/Falcon (Anthony Mackie), and Groot, but not Vision or the Mind Stone. Because of this, they were unable to bring back Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen). Wanda will be brought back in another way. Vision, on the other hand, will be repaired using Wakandan technology.
          Thor (Chris Hemsworth), using his new weapon made by Eitri (Peter Dinklage) in Nidavellir as a Bifrost, will create a space-time gateway and will also travel back in time to try to save Heimdall (Idris Elba), Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and the Asgardian refugees. He will be able to travel back in time but, again, cannot alter what happened in the Asgardian refugee vessel, as they are still bound by the other Infinity Gems possessed by Thanos. Thor will try to smash through an unseen barrier using his Stormbreaker but cannot get through. He will try several times but will realize its futility. Thor will hear Loki’s voice among the ruins. Loki was able to transfer his life essence to a rat before Thanos snap his neck.
          Loki: (As a  rat) “Help me return to my body.”
          Thor: (As he holds the rat by the tail) “I kinda like you this way.”
 [A question had been posted in the Internet on “How did Thor knew to go to Wakanda? He had never seen the place before, and he is in Nidavellir. It hasn’t been fully, satisfactorily, explained by the people involved. Well, if I may be allowed to. Here’s my explanation: The Stormbreaker can be used as a bifrost. It’s a “king’s weapon,” the most powerful that Eitri forged. With that it can be used to propel Thor to any place in the Universe. He needs not know where the place is, he only needs to say the word and Stormbreaker will take him there. So, if he say “take me to where Thanos would be.” That would be enough.]
          Adam Warlock will awaken and feel the beckoning of the Soul Stone. In the Marvel Comics, Adam Warlock is the owner of the Soul Stone and was commanded by the Living Tribunal to disperse the other stones. He will go to Vormir and arrive there in the middle of a battle between Iron Man and Nebula against the Red Skull. Upon seeing Adam Warlock, the Red Skull stops fighting and kneels before him. (This will only happened if and when Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is shown first.)
           Adam Warlock: “Where is my Soul Stone?”
          Red Skull: “Thanos, son of A'Lars, now possesses it.”
          Adam Warlock: “You fool, you allow a mad titan to have it?!” (He will be enraged and uses his power to choke the Red Skull telekineticly)
          Red Skull: “But your liege..., he fulfilled the ordeal of sacrifice....”
          Adam Warlock will let go and confronts Iron Man and Nebula. Iron Man will try to engage but Nebula will caution him. Adam warlock will look at Gamora, raise her up telekineticly and brings her back to health. After which he will disappear.
          Iron Man: “Who was that?”
          Nebula: “A very very powerful being.”
          Gamora: “He’s Adam Warlock.....”
          Red Skull: “He is the true keeper of the Soul Stone.”
          Adam will seek the help of the Living Tribunal, who at this point will not interfere. “The balance of good and evil has not yet been tilted to the extreme.”
          Adam will, however, learn a secret hidden since creation – the existence of a seventh stone that can equal the power of the six Infinity Gems. But he can only wield its power before its keeper is born. He travels to Earth and, on his way, encounters the Silver Surfer, who lost his memory after he defied his master, Galactus (Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer). He will return the Surfer’s memory and together they will travel back in time before the birth of the fourth generation Eternal named Sersi, the destined keeper of the Seventh Stone. (NOTE: This scene can only happen if Marvel and 20th Century Fox resolved their film franchise issues. The fans want the Silver Surfer in the story. In comics, he is a key figure in the Infinity War. They need to weigh this in.)
          They will be caught in a battle between the Eternals and the Deviants but will be able to secure the Seventh Stone at the instance of Sersi’s birth. The Deviants will be defeated, but Adam has to choose. If he takes the Seventh Stone, Sersi will not be borned. He instead merged Sersi’s life essence with the stone.

          After stealing the Time Stone, Stark, Nebula and Gamora will be arguing on how the Time Stone works and who to bring back first. Stark will insist that they brought back his two companions, Dr. Strange and Spider-Man first, but Nebula wants to return to the time Thanos was born and kill him when he was a child, and Gamora wants Star-Lord and the rest of the GOTG back. They wrestled for the stone. The Time Stone has a mind of its own and will bring back Dr. Strange. As it turned out, Dr. Strange uttered a spell before he gave the Time Stone to Thanos and it is recorded inside the stone (It has the capability to do so). The moment Stark touches it, the stone will open a time gateway for Dr. Strange to return.
          Dr. Strange told them that they need to go back to Titan for him to bring back their companions.
          Nebula: “What if we go back in time when Thanos was still a child and kill him then.
          Stark: “Hey, I told you that is sick and I don’t do such things.”
          Dr. Strange: “That is not possible because Thanos is protected by the other Infinity Stones.”

          In Titan, Dr. Strange will resurrect Spider-Man, Star Lord, Mantis and Drax. They will travel back to Earth, using the GOTG ship, Benatar.
          Stark: “You said that out of the 14,000,605 possible future, we only defeat Thanos in one. Are we in that timeline?”
          Dr. Strange: “Yes.”
          Stark: “So, we’re going to win now? We’ll be able to save the Universe from Thanos?”
          Dr. Strange: “Uncertain!”
          Stark: “What do you mean uncertain?!”
          Dr. Strange: “There are now new players in the game.”

          Thanos will be awakened by his sentries who discovered two other dead sentries. The titan will find out that the Time Stone is missing from his gauntlet. He will try to use the Reality Stone to see what happened during his sleep and how the Time Stone was stolen, but because the Infinity Gauntlet was damaged when he snapped his finger back in Wakanda while Thor’s Stormbreaker was lodged in his chess, it will not work according to what he wishes. He will only see, partially, Nebula. In haste and rage, he will kill the sentries and gather his minions.
          Thanos, thinking Nebula will go to Vormir to resurrect his sister Gamora, decided to teleport there. By the time Thanos gets to Vormir, Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Nebula and Gamora are gone. He will battle the Red Skull, who will try to get the Soul Stone back. Thanos will defeat the Red Skull and will imprison him inside the Soul Stone.
          Next, Thanos now knowing Dr. Strange has recovered the Time Stone, will return to Titan together with his minions, but will find no one there. He will try to use the Reality Stone again. This time, he will see the resurrected Dr. Strange bringing back Spider-Man, Star Lord, Mantis and Drax with the use of the Time Stone. He will finally know that they are going back to Earth.
           Thanos and his minions will proceed to Wakanda. Using the power of the Space Stone, he will be able to get to Earth ahead of Stark and his companions.
         The Avengers will be like experiencing a deja vu, as the battle ensues. Banner poses a question of how the battle against Thanos is going to be different this time around. “Because this time I'm here to help.” Remarks Captain Marvel who just arrive with Hawkeye to help. Banner, on the other hand, will keep prodding the Hulk to appear. The Hulk developed some kind of phobia issue of appearing after he was beaten and knocked-out by Thanos who was strengthened by the Power Stone. So, Banner joined the fight using the Hulkbuster.

[One question persists to be a loophole in Avengers: Infinity War that I first asked a friend who is also a Marvel fan: “Where in the world did Banner get the Hulkbuster?” They’re in Wakanda and the Hulkbuster is owned by Stark Industries and it’s parked in the outer atmosphere. Since then, the question has been repeatedly posted by Netizens. Well, here’s an answer. Colonel James Rhodes/War Machine (Don Cheadle) must have given it to Banner when he went to the former Avenger Headquarters, knowing he got issues transforming. Notice that it was not brand new and Banner need to make some repairs. It was damaged in Avengers: Age of Ultron when Stark used it to try to contain the mind-dazed Hulk.]
          Banner’s transformation into the Hulk will happen, however, this time around when he sees Natasha/Black Widow fall infront of him grimacing in pain. She will add some acting and begging, though, for it to work. Still, even with the Hulk back, it will not be enough to stop Thanos. The battle continues (Remember the teaser released by Marvel Studios before the showing of Avengers: Infinity War where you see the Hulk charging with the Avengers and the Wakandans, but didn’t happen? They say it was done to mislead the fans. That is probably part of this scene).
          Captain Marvel will confront Thanos. The titan will use everything he got against her. She will fall down several times but she will come back up stronger. She could absorb any blast of energy that Thanos shoot at her and becomes stronger and stronger with every absorption. At one point, she was even able to knock Thanos down with an uppercut. This will baffle Thanos: “Who are you?” To which, she will simply answers: “I’m Captain Marvel and you have my gem!”
          Their fight will be interrupted by the sudden arrival of Thor and Loki with a lightning flash. Thanos, upon realizing that the Time Stone is not on Earth, getting knock down by Captain Marvel, and seeing Thor, will retreat.
          Captain Marvel will be furious that Thanos escaped. She will vent her anger on Thor and Loki, and will attack them. Here, you will see how really powerful she is. She will be able to absorb the lightning created by Thor’s Stormbreaker and will be able to catch it when it is hurled at her.
          Captain Marvel: “An ax? I thought you had a hammer?”
          Loki: “She catches your ax just like Hela caught Mjolnir (Thor: Ragnarok). That means she could also destroy it.”
          Thor: “Oh.. Oh... I’m sorry... I didn’t mean to throw that at you.... Don’t destroy it.... It’s the only weapon that can kill Thanos!”
          Captain Marvel: “This?!” (She will throw the Stormbreaker back at Thor)
          Thor will be able to catch his Stormbreaker but felt the force by which it is thrown back at him. He will approach Captain Marvel and introduce himself.
          Thor: (Whispering to Loki) “Whew... That was powerful!”
          Loki: (Whispering back) “Yeah... Even I felt it. So don’t piss her off, brother.”
          Thor: (Extending his hand) “Hello, I’m Thor and this is my brother, Loki”
          Hawkeye: (Getting in the middle) “This is Captain Marvel, our new ally.”
          Thor: “Glad to meet you.”
          Captain Marvel: (After shaking Thor’s hand, she will grab Loki’s neck and ascend a few feet from the ground) “This one, I’m not sure is an ally.”
          Loki: “Uggh... This is the second time I’m choked like this.”
          Thor: “Wait..! Wait! My brother has changed. In fact, he tried to kill Thanos and died for it.”
          Captain Marvel: (Letting Loki go) “And why is he still alive?”
          Thor: “Well, thanks to a rat, he was able to come back.”
          Captain Marvel: “Resurrecting the dead with a rat? Ewww... Your Viking rituals disgust me.”    

          The Avengers and the Wakandans will rejoice for the day’s victory as Stark and his companions arrived. Stark will shake hands with Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes and finally set aside his vengeance rage. They will continue to rejoice.
          Captain America: “This war is far from over!”
          Stark: “No, this time we take the war to Thanos!” 

(NOTE: Concept Scene 5 and 6, happened if and when Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is shown first.)
          This is my concept story for Part 2, Avengers: Resurrection. It’s not yet completed. Well, there’s allowance for Part 3, which I will title Avengers: Endgame. Here is where the real battle royale takes place. You will probably see Sylvester Stallone back playing the role of Stakar Ogord, and his pack of Ravagers, fighting Thanos' legions of dark elves. Stark, with the help of Thor and Eitri, will construct another Infinty Gaunlet. Plus, there could be an Asian superhero appearing. Wow!
          If my concept is to be followed, there is going to be a reunion day for all the MCU superheoes when Avengers: Endgame premiers on October 2019, on Marvel Comics’ 80th Foundation Day. On Part 3, again, if film franchise right can be resolved, the X-men will be in it and so does Galactus, in physical form this time. If not Part 2 may well be the End Game.

            With Tony Stark’s help, Peter Quill/Star Lord will be able to visit the grave of her mother in Missouri. State Secretary Thadeus Ross (William Hurt) will order their apprehension. Stark will mediate and explain the situation to Secretary Ross. They will talk to the president.          Meanwhile Carol Danvers will bring back Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders).
            Back at the Stark lab, Nebula will agree to Stark’s probing his brain for recorded information about Thanos. From the information stored in Nebula’s brain, Stark will discover that Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet was damaged
[How it was damaged? When Thanos was hit in the chest by Thor’s Stormbreaker, he was near-death. Remember, the “Stormbreaker can kill Thanos.” As Thanos himself said, Thor should have hit him in the head. At that near-death moment, Thanos was still able to snap his finger, completing his desires. That is, the end of half of the living creatures in the universe, and to be able to talk to his daughter, Gamora. The Gauntlet, with Thanos at near-death, needs to compensate to save his life as well. For that, the power and energy required to accomplish them damaged the gauntlet.]

          Stark will download all the information in Nebula’s brain and use them to formulate a plan of action. Primary among them is to wrest the Infinity Stones from Thanos.
          Loki will pose a question: “If indeed the Infinity Gauntlet is damaged, maybe we can make another?” Thor will answer that it is possible and he knows where it can be made – in Nidavellir.
          Spider-Man will arrive quite disheartened and angry because his Aunt May is among the casualties of the Thanos “snap.” Stark will promise him that they will bring her back just as he was able to come back.
          Iron Man, Thor, Loki and Spider-Man will go to Nidavellir and, with Eitri’s help, will construct another Infinity Gaunlet.
          Meanwhile, Quill, Drax, Mantis, Groot and Rocket Raccoon will travel to different realms to seek alliances against Thanos. They will discover that there were Xandarian survivors. Rocket Raccoon will contact Stakar Ogord/Starhawk (Sylvester Stallone), and the latter will agree to send all the Ravagers into battle.
          As part of the plan, which Quill will initially object, Gamora will stay behind as she and Nebula will travel to Titan for another mission.

          The Hulk still has the phobia issue. Dr. Strange and Natasha will try to resolve it. In so doing, the Hulk will merge with Banner’s intellect and will become the “intelligent” Hulk.
          After which Stark will convince Dr. Strange to give him the Time Stone, as he will use it in his plan to trick Thanos. Even with Time Stone returned, the Infinity Gauntlet was damaged, and Thanos can no longer use it for annihilation. The plan is for Gamora and Nebula to give it back to Thanos pretending they are now back on his side. When that is accomplished, they will inform Stark of Thanos’ plans and, whenever possible, steal the other Infinity Stones and return.
          It so happened that Dr. Strange already knew of this possible future and will gladly give the Time Stone to Stark.
          Next, Steve Rogers, Hawkeye and Captain Marvel will arrive telling them that Professor Xavier is telepathically communicating with Captain Marvel, requesting for a meeting. Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Natasha and the Hulk will be tasked to meet with Professor Xavier. Stark will give Rogers his shield back.

          Silver Surfer will suggest to Adam Warlock that they also get his former master, Galactus, to help them in their battle against Thanos. For even though Galactus is a world devourer, he do so for survival, unlike Thanos who’s only intents are genocide and destruction.
          Galactus now has a new herald, Terrax. Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock will battle and defeat Terrax before they could seek audience with the world devourer.
          Galactus, having also felt Thanos’ immense power and the destruction of half the life in the universe will agree to aid them in their battle.

          As plan, Gamora and Nebula will travel to Titan where Thanos is gathering his forces. They will return to him the Time Stone as a token of their reverting loyalty.
          Thanos will be happy to see Gamora back alive, but is still suspicious of his daughters. So, he will order a scan on Nebula’s brain. This was, however, already anticipated in Stark’s plan, and everything about it was erased in Nebula’s mind. She was, nonetheless, programmed to follow Gamora’s wishes and be, henceforth, absolutely loyal to her sister.
          Thanos, even with the Time Stone back in his damaged gauntlet, will still be unable to use the full, combined, power of the Infinity Stones. He can only wield one stone’s power at a time.
          Nonetheless, he will gather a huge army of dark elves and Krull mercenaries and prepare for assault on all the empires in the universe that will defy him.

          Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Natasha and the “intelligent” Hulk will arrive at the X-Men mansion and will be met by the surviving members of the X-Men (Professor X, Phoenix, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Sunfire, and Wolverine), Magneto and (surprise!) Juggernaut.
          The Juggernaut, upon seeing the Hulk will attack. The two will battle. Everyone who will try to stop their rumble just gets thrown away. Well, except Captain Marvel and Phoenix, but they, too, will engage in a heated argument and do battle. Professor Xavier will try to telepathically talk and pacify them.
          When everything is calm, they will agree to an accord.

          As Galactus ship travels through space, they will encounter an armada belonging to Thanos. The Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock, Galactus and Terrax will easily defeat them. Galactus’ ship, however, will be damaged when one of the enemy battle cruisers crashes into it. They will be forced to land on an uninhabited planet. They make repairs as Galactus feeds on the planet.
          Thanos will find Hela's body floating in space. After a brief encounter, she would agree to become his ally. Upon receiving the transmission from his armada of the encounter with Galactus, Thanos will arrive at the scene. Hela will help Thanos battle Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer and Terrax.
          Adam Warlock will not be able to wield the power of the Seventh Stone as the Eternal, Sersi, hasn’t gain full consciousness yet, and her life essence is merged with the stone.
          Using the Mind Stone, Thanos will be able to take control of the Silver Surfer and command him to do his bidding. With the Silver Surfer’s help, and using the Soul Stone, Thanos and Hela will be able to trap Adam Warlock inside the Soul Stone.
          Thanos will also be able to take control of Terrax. While Galactus is still feeding, they will put a nuclear poison that will render the world devourer weak and unable to fight. Thanos will also imprison Galactus inside the Soul Stone.

          Stark and Thor will be able to power-up the neutron generator in Nidavellir again to make a new Infinity Gauntlet with the help of Eitri. Stark will receive a transmission by Gamora that an impending attack on Earth led by Thanos himself is underway. Stark will notify Rogers and Quill to “prepare for the battle of their lives.” It would be the “end game” and they need to “win it.” They will agree to meet on the far side of the moon.

Hep Hep, we stop here.
Suffice to say that the last five scenes would be full of blood and tears, sacrifice and heroism, the biggest gathering of superhero characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever!
I will, however, answer one more question if my entire concept is to be followed: What will happen to the Infinity Gems?

Dr. Strange, Vision and Adam Warlock will retain possession of the Time Stone, Mind Stone and Soul Stone, respectively. The other stones will have new keepers.
Captain Marvel – Space Stone
Iron Man – Power Stone
Thor – Reality Stone

Sersi will finally be borned with the Seventh Stone merged into her. She would become a member of the New Avengers, her power rivaling that of Captain Marvel.

For those who have been stealing my concepts and making it their own.

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