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CYBERTISTRY THE ART OF DIGITAL MANIPULATION (THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!)             Cybertistry! That’s another word I’m coining for th...

CYBERTISTRY: The Art of Digital Manipulation


          Cybertistry! That’s another word I’m coining for this particular blog post. It’s a portmanteau of “cyber” and “artistry.”
          While it can be construed as a technical term for the construction or creation of “Internet memes,” it will have a broader and more profound scope and application. Let the photos and artworks dance.
          From simple but inscrutable description of comparison.
A Comparison of Geniuses
Created just after the death of Steve Jobs
(October 7, 2011)
          To simple but vivid political outcry.  
Hammer and Sickle
The pic file was anonymously sent to me a few years ago.
Changing the color and adding some words makes it more relevant.
If anyone knows the origin of the pic,
kindly inform me or post it in your comment,
(May 1, 2014.)
Sabah Belongs to the Philippines
Created when Pres. Benigno Aquino III explicitly hinted that the Philippines
is abandoning its sovereign claim over Sabah.
Historically, in 1983, his father Senator Benigno Aquino Jr pledged to drop the Sabah claim
in exchange for Malaysia's support to oust Pres. Ferdinand Marcos.
(March 27, 2013.)
          To the celebration of memorable event like my high school 40th alumni homecoming.  
Something I made for my high school alma mater,
PCHS (now PCC) class of 1978 40th year celebration.
(July 8, 2018)
          It can be used in many aspects of print and online advertising, socio-political declaration, display of opinions, as well as in the realm of fun and humor. It can also serve as a sort of lampoon, comics or caricature of sarcasm or praise. No need for lengthy explanation, for cybertistry is self-explaining and self-expressing. As long as you do not slander anyone, the musical Ethics will accompany the rhymth.
Oh My Mocha!
For Ms. Mocha Uson with love
(August 7, 2018)
Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte,
in appreciation of what he is doing for the country.
The texts was taken from a TV ads.
(September 19, 2018)

The Duchess of the Imperialist’s Press
(April 2, 2019)
The Yellow Pervert
(April 2, 2019)
          It can be a digitally manipulated reproduction or reconstruction of images, an illustrative art blown-up by a piercing sentence, an intriguing double-meaning innuendo, a mixture of pun and sex, or a minimalist but straightforward concept.
Deal Pool and Green Lantern:
The Ryan Reynold Paradox
(March 25, 2019)
Proposed Changes to the Confusing Coins.
(December 5, 2018)

Stop Smoking!
(March 12, 2007)

Oh my, what ever you want, Toni, Darling!
(January 20, 2019)

A Fantasy Ride
(February 14, 2016

The Story Behind “Sisig” and Jealousy
(January 11, 2017)

No Sex Zone
(A lot of concepts like this has already flooded the Internet,
August 28, 2014)
          Hey, one could even conceptualize an out-of-this-world magazine spoof like this TV Star Guide July 2022 issue.

Pacquiao as James Bond
(April 25, 2010)
          Of course, it can also be used for “self-serving” purposes, well-exceeding the barometer of vanity. No need to stalk your favorite actors and actresses to get a selfie. With cybertistry, you can put anyone you like within embrace. You can even be the person you admire with a few diligent and meticulous digital manipulations. Of course it’s not real in the strictest sense, but you did it anyway just for the fun of it.
The Two Darnas and Me
(The first cybertistric art I did, August 10, 2009)

Me and the Green Lantern Corps,
plus “something” else
(January 21, 2013)

As Agent 007 with Michelle Yeow (August 8, 2014) on the left
and with Ellen Adarna (November 5, 2016) on the right.

As Lastik Man with Iya Villania (November 8, 2016) on the left
and with Taiwanese actress Joe Chen (July 5, 2014) on the right.

With Summer Glau, the Lady Terminator
(This, I really had fun doing, July 2015)

          And how about some animal “loving” and the humor that goes with it.
Why Do They Call it Doggy Style?
Why, indeed!
(August 31, 2007)
Don’t Want to be Eaten While Climaxing.
(July 30, 2019)

Sexy and Tough: Erika Arlante with an M4 CASV rifle
I dream of having a bodyguard like her.
I take that back - more than a bodyguard.
(October 28, 2013)

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